Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Anywhere: like a place along I-70, Maynard Road or Ruggles Avenue

I used to wish I could slow the summer change of a field. If I stayed there longer than usual, I could perhaps savor that mark of time, and this in turn, would be my great rebellion against inexorability.

But if that really happened, I would never know the course of what we are given and ultimately lose. It's really there to help us understand what matters, if we ever do.

Even though I miss dandelions, it is certain that daisies, queen ant's[sic] lace and buckhorn growing harmoniously at the foot of a long-abandoned coal refuse pile is just as fine to reckon -- as is, anticipation.

* * *
Styles change forever, and the
"sea, on the tide..."
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