Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Two-Cycle Oil and Cut Grass

Part of what has made me, has much to do with mowing grass. When I was little, it was always much more about mowing the baseball diamond, than playing baseball. In fact, when neighborhood teams were picked, I was usually included at the very end of the team selections with something like "you can have the rest" and I was always happy with that. I wanted to mow - not play baseball.

This is probably why for my "mid-life crisis", that I spent nearly $14,000 on a John Deere X585 tractor instead buying a fast motorcycle or sports car.

I started tearing down and repairing my dad's 1957 Model 3100 Lawn-Boy when I was in my single digits. Of course it didn't make mom very happy when I cleaned the greasy/oily parts in her concrete laundry tubs. There were always half-hearted arguments over it, but I certainly wasn't going to stop.

In my teens, I used the mower to follow my dad in his walk-behind Gravely (Model 120-L) to trim several of the residential lots that remained from the last of my grandparent's farm.

After my father became sick in the nineties, I took the mower home and used it for several years until the engine compression had tailed-off substantially. I attempted to find piston rings for the unit for years but even the old well-established Lawn-Boy/OMC * dealers had none. Last year, I finally found a machine shop that produces custom made rings for vintage engines and purchased them for a reasonable $11/set.

So in the past few weeks, I've been cleaning parts in the sink again (except there's no one to complain about the mess) and yesterday I was mowing with it again. Scout even tried out the "new" ride and liked it :)

*OMC (Outboard Marine Corporation) once owned and manufactured the Lawn-Boy brand.
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