Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

A More Sure-footed Pony

Just before our one-year anniversary when I looked like a porn star

Yesterday would have been my 31st anniversary and I had a great day. It was also my eldest daughter's 1st anniversary and her 29th birthday. (Nana, that's one more year and then you are officially an old lady!)

I believe that Marie would be happy for me and pleased with how I've re-made my life. I was fortunate to have the years we shared yet never realized how difficult it would be without her. I made many mistakes and missteps -- especially as a parent. Sometimes though, this seems to be the only route to better understanding.

My footing is much more sure these days and I wake up almost every day feeling happy to be here, happy with my activities and extremely happy with the people in my life. I realize this is more a choice than it is circumstance.
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