September 13th, 2010

Julie, Joe and the Pink Walker

I visited my new friend and her husband yesterday. As soon as I walked into the center she wanted to introduce me to several of her friends. Apparently, I had good timing because she had just gotten back from a picnic that Pastor Ted had at the Methodist Church.

Did you want a few of the cookies?, I'm Catholic but Pastor Ted is such a nice man, and my daughter-in-law is a Jewish woman, so it is okay, Joe has dementia but we have both been here for six years, are you sure you don't want a cookie?, because Joe shouldn't eat them before his dinner. He won't eat his grilled cheese sandwich and you never know about getting diabetes, and here is my family in these pictures, these two died because of smoking, you know?, and then the lady from the in-house beauty shop also runs the crafts and made this scrap book for Joe and me. Oh and you like my pink walker, the man who orders medical supplies looked through his catalog one day and said, "Julie, this one would be perfect for you" Isn't it nice? And thanks for the flowers, I got this other one from my daughter-in-law -- it isn't doing too well, but we have a nice sunny courtyard here at the center and the man who takes care of the outside said he would plant it in the spring for me. We play bingo and I can play 13 cards at once and Joe can even play three. It was so nice of Michael to come, wasn't it Joe? You remember he was the volunteer I told you about at the hospital that brought me the glass of water when everyone else forgot. Are you sure you don't want any of these cookies? And yes, we are done with our trays, Joe spoiled his dinner with those cookies, and you know the nice man I told you about, this is him and you could go out with him because he is so nice. Yes we danced polkas for 41 years, I remember, let me sing it "In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here", mind you though there were a lot of alcoholics in my family, my son promised to stop and made a pact with my daughter-in-law to stop because she would divorce him if he didn't. Are you sure you don't want a cookie? He hasn't drank in two years now. We had to sell our house, but we didn't get much for it because of the people that moved into the rest of our neighborhood. Joe worked for U.S. Steel in an overhead crane and we met on a blind date at a Polka dance in 1947 after he came home from the war. I used to sell milk and butter door-to-door when I was a young girl. He gets a good pension and social security, but our daughter is..umm...what do they call it...oh right power of attorney and she does our bills for us. I wish you would come visit when some of my children were visiting. I really enjoyed your visit and so did Joe. Will you come again?

I had a great time.

Tractor Porn

I made my annual visit to the Stumptown Steam Thresher and Tractor Festival in eastern Ohio.

I'm always amazed by the fine work folks have done in restoring some of these machines. I've been a tractor nut ever since I was little, when my dad would let me sit on his lap as he mowed our community park with the old Oliver or the days when I would head first to the tractors at the county fair display before considering any of the amusement rides.