September 19th, 2010

Things that last longer than resin

I put clip-in pedals on my cross bike and Friday I took a 27 mile ride on the Montour trail. I did okay and really do feel a difference in pedaling efficiency, but I think it will take me a while before it becomes natural to remember to clip-out when I stop. A couple of times, I was spacing out while stopping and had to scramble a little to get my feet out of the pedals in time.

* * *

Today, I took the tractor into the woods and cleaned the path a bit. It rained a few sprinkles but certainly not enough to cut down much of the dust I consumed.

This is the place that I call "The Park", but really it is just some level spot where I put two outdoor resin chairs several years ago.

The chairs looked like this today -- broken up and thrown over the hill. They were my mom's chairs that she once kept on her back porch. I took Marie down here one last time on the tractor so she could sit to read and be alone.