January 4th, 2011

Athough not particularly welcome, these are the easy things in life.

I have a scratchy throat - but it is only a little so, yet I feel like I am speaking like a Kim Carnes song sounds.

I accidentally scraped the fender of my car on the side of the garage on Saturday. I guess I was otherwise distracted. There is a small dent above the wheel-well and some of the paint was removed. I masked the area, primed and painted it with some Krylon Gloss White spray paint that I had on hand. It is only a car.

The flush handle on the toilet broke on Sunday. A trip to the hardware store and a five minute repair solved the problem. While at the store I purchased a new P-trap for a leaky laundry tub drain. Yesterday, while attempting to unscrew one of the pipe collars beneath the basin, the entire tailpiece and drain assembly snapped and broke out of the bottom of the tub. I managed a temporary repair with J.B. Weld and then ordered a new utility sink. This will require some re-plumbing of the supply lines as the new faucet is fed from the underside. So I have a fun project.