January 22nd, 2011

Cool White-Warm White

I went to the Post Office today to buy stamps. The place was closed but the lobby is always open and they have a stamp machine. I know I could easily get stamps at the grocery store but I like going and every post office has that same mismatched set of florescent bulbs in the fixtures and all smell nearly the same in green floor tile, glue, paper, ink, adhesive, and I don't know what.

In winters, sometimes we would hang out in the one on Main Street across from Home Pizza. It was a warm no-cost refuge and a place to read the F.B.I. wanted posters while taking in mug shots or to mull about the random governmental posters and read about things like the U.S. Army and what the military draft meant.

Inside, I always wondered: Did that "Out of Town" slot drop anywhere differently than the bin fed equally by the "In Town - Only" slot? They were only a foot apart and trying to imagine the required complex chuting to have brought this into belief was boggling. I think it just made people feel better, which was okay too.

* * *

And just remember when 'yer outside and to the delight of any good mother:

"Clang the door more than once so you know that the mail drops, because you never know it may have gotten stuck and then someone could steal it. Did you clang it?"

"Yes, mom I clanged it"

I suppose if it were my Mallo-Cup money being sent off to Altoona, I would have clanged it five or six times.