February 8th, 2011

Crazy Michaelboy's Prices are so low, they are Insane!

Several years ago I had an active business partnership with a friend. We did all sorts of computer upgrades, installations, small local-area networks and the like. In our biggest year, we may have made a few thousand dollars -- but after a while, I started becoming less interested in the stress, marketing and go-getting that it took to earn any reasonable income from this work. Last year we mutually agreed to dissolve the business. I still do quite a bit of upgrade and repair work but mostly it is personal work for family, people at my job or at the hospital. It is typically a family computer that is chock full of viruses, malware or spyware or a computer that has significant registry problems. I know places like Best Buy/Geek Squad, or similar will do this work but their charges seem so outrageous. Sure, it takes some of time to save off important pictures, files and music and then do a subsequent operating system reinstall but it really doesn't take a whole lot of effort.

My policy has been: No Charge (except for parts at cost), No Guarantee, and if I break it, Too Bad. With these affordable and comfortable terms, I have little stress and as a result get about four to six PC's repair requests per month. People have slipped me gift cards and the like, but recently I've come up with a better solution. Instead of "No Charge", I am asking that if folks are pleased with the results, then I would prefer they donate any amount of time or money to any charity of their choice. I figure it just might help folks on both the giving and receiving sides.