February 12th, 2011

The Rolling Earth

I'm just getting over a second cold in six weeks and today I shoveled, shopped, yoga'd, and feel okay but I sound like Barry White. I know recently I've been less diligent about hospital hand-washing and along with my responsibility to the patients is why I need to step it up.

It all makes sense, but I grew up digging dams in storm sewer creeks with that bubbly foam stuff swirling around in the eddies which you knew was something more than 'storm' product. I might imagine I am powerful against harmful viruses or bacteria but really, I'm not.

Some folks sanitize everything - even in my family - and some don't. They can logically or sensibly describe the need to use that Clorox wipe for the shopping cart handle, or put layers of toilet paper on a toilet seat or never grab a handrail. But, I guess people don't scare me much in that way. If I shake a hand, usually it feels pretty good and I don't think "Where can I go to wash?"

* * *

I thought this was a cute animation:

* * *

The earth does not exhibit itself nor refuse to exhibit itself, pos-
sesses still underneath,
Underneath the ostensible sounds, the august chorus of heroes, the
wail of slaves,
Persuasions of lovers, curses, gasps of the dying, laughter of young
people, accents of bargainers,
Underneath these possessing words that never fail

~ From: "A Song of the Rolling Earth", Walt Whitman