March 18th, 2011

Proximal Positioning

Friday nights, I strapped on my new used roller skates and got around without the railing. I could skate backwards, but only marginally so.


More than skating, it was an excuse to be closer. I kissed a girl on the cheek behind the covert of coats that hung near the dressing benches. It was my first time.


The winner got a blue ticket for a medium Coke and the rumor was, if you downed an aspirin with it, you would get high from the ghost of the coca that wasn't in it.


Two songs: one was "M-o-o-n Ri-v-v-v-ver Whiter[sic] than a Mile", and it was scary asking a girl to skate because it felt like a significant relational gesture.

It's hard to describe the numb-footed feeling of unlacing your skates for the night, carrying them in a tied loop and being so much lower to the ground as you waited for your parents. The walls were green-enameled cinder block and it was a great excuse to be closer.