May 10th, 2011

Bluets and Wot Not

There are things you see your whole life that quietly blend into the entire
but without them,you might sense an emptiness, and have no idea why.
In the spring, these sprout up in random small patches in the woods
and are as much a part of my life as the soft ground always was.
While naming them isn't as important as appreciating their gesture,
I now know they are Bluets and I suddenly see them everywhere.

* * *
Study is like the heaven's glorious sun
That will not be deep-search'd with saucy looks:
Small have continual plodders ever won
Save base authority from others' books
These earthly godfathers of heaven's lights
That give a name to every fixed star
Have no more profit of their shining nights
Than those that walk and wot not what they are.
~ From: "Loves Labours Lost", Act 1 Scene 1, W.B. Shakespeare