July 22nd, 2011

The Time Before

Last night I sat with a older patient who had no hair but a beautiful beret, daughter and grandson. We talked about goodness, appreciation for life as it is and the end of life. I made her a macaroni cheese[sic] dinner with some diet ginger ale on the side and I am luckier than anyone imagines.

* * *

Everyone will wait here, in the time before
if not for themselves, then for those they love
where the dance of life escheats its anticipation
into the spiral of demise that is part of life itself.
Those months, weeks and days when a frail life
can rage no longer against the light but before
the light is gone and faded into its own waning glow
through which only love and memory survive.


I just finished a small wind-down yoga practice. Thunder was rolling and rumbling by during the relaxation phase of the exercise and for a minute or so, I had no idea where I was. And then, I was remembering how much my dad liked to sit in the picture window with us and watch lightning storms - all kind of scary but all kind of safe and all kind of lucky.

My blood pressure was 98/61 after this practice. Yoga can change so much in a heart and body. In college, I followed "Lilias, Yoga and You" on PBS but really hadn't done much with it until about 2 years ago. Now, I average a half hour per day usually with yogatoday.com and this has significantly changed my strength and apparently my overall health. At 55, I wake up with no joint, bone or back pain, and have nearly boundless energy.