September 13th, 2011

Tractors, what Else?

I drove to New Athens, Ohio this weekend to attend the 49th Annual Stumptown Steam Thresher and Tractor Festival. Over the years, I've probably been to about half of them. It is no secret that I have a tractor fetish. When I was young, my parents would take me to the county fair and I would immediately want to head to the tractor display but when I was finally in a tractor seat they would nearly have to pry me from the machine when it was time to go. I wasn't crazy about the usual amusement rides but enjoyed some of them mostly because of their internal-combustion power sources, many of which were Allis-Chalmers. They always reminded me of the front-end of a tractor without wheels.

Here, one of my favorites and for your pornographic pleasure, I give you a 1953 Allis-Chalmers Model CA:

Presenting this lovely machine is my kinda-sorta-fifth-child daughter, Sarah.