Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Last night/This morning

Mac 'n Matilda

He was skinny -- probably about 75 lbs and had a large mass in his belly. He told me he would not be able to hold down much from his tray. His wife's name was Matilda - which made me think of Port Matilda. She passed away a few years ago and I asked him if he missed her. We talked about World War II and where he served. I wanted to know if he was afraid of cancer and he said "Oh, not really". He smiled the whole time even though he chattered in blankets.

I am sometimes afraid of realizing enough just how weak I am.

Duke of Bubbles

When I drive by that new CVS Pharmacy in the morning, I think about the Duke of Bubbles car wash that used to be there. It was there for many years and I never even considered that it would be gone. Sometimes we'd take the kids there for fun, sit in the car during the wash, and watch the "spaghetti" shimmy over the windshield. I even imagined there was really an important and sensible difference in each of the multi-pastel-colored soap sprays. It didn't matter what -- it only mattered how we imagined.

Change doesn't subtract memory, it just seems to leave room for another.
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