Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Like rubber bands around my finger

It seems you learn so much about a person when they've pushed something aside.

Folks often push stuff away

And sometimes, they just don't

and then you learn much more.

* * *

Jem stayed silent for some days. The second grade was as boring as the first. The only good thing was that Scout went back home together with Jem, at 3 o'clock. One afternoon, on their way home, Jem told Scout that when he had gone to look for his pants, they were all sewed up, but not tidily, just as if he'd tried to sew them himself (Jem). Jem said it was like someone knew what he was going to do. As they passed their tree, they saw a grey twine ball inside the knothole. They said that must be a young boy's hiding place, and said that they would keep everything they found inside the hole. As Scout said the second grade was a bore, Jem said that gradually, school became better. The seasons are not much defined in Maycomb. One October afternoon, as they passed their tree, they found two little soap figures. The soap had a boy and a girl carved, and they came to the conclusion that they were them. Gem and Scout wondered who might have carved that little dolls. Less than two weeks later they found a whole package of chewing gum. The week after, they found a medal, which Atticus told them was made before they were born. There were spelling contests in Maycomb, and the prizes were medals like that one. Some days later they found a pocket watch, that didn't work and asked Atticus where may it have come from. Scout and Jem decided to write a letter to the guy that was leaving presents for them, but when they were going to put the letter the tree, they saw that someone had filled the hole with cement. Finally they realised that it had been Mr. Nathan Radley; his excuse was that the tree was dying, but it didn't look like it was dying at all. Jem stayed outside on the porch, and when he came in Scout realised he had been crying.
~ Summarized From: To Kill a Mockingbird, Ch. 7, Harper Lee
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