Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Up to Boggs

I took a 6:00am 35+ mile ride on the trail yesterday. The grades are slight, as it is an old railroad right-of-way, yet their constancy is remarkable. I imagine long-gone locomotives laboring against the grade with tremendous tractive force -- expressed ultimately in slight variations of speed. The last mile or so up to Boggs always seems to take twice the normal effort.

I managed the ride in a little under three hours and averaged 12.5 miles per hour. I hope to do a 44 mile group ride in September.

Improvements come in noticeable but smaller bits now. I think my age is a limiting factor but I do hope to continue to improve my strength and endurance. Yesterday I was coaxed by queen ant's[sic] lace slapping my legs with wet morning faces.

...FINIR... sur la jante
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