Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

This weekend...

Scout, Cinderella and I went to the 46th Stumptown Steam Thresher festival in New Athens, Ohio. I used to go with my dad when I was younger, but after his series of strokes I usually went with my uncle.

I haven't been there in about six or seven years but I've always enjoyed the people, the smell of coal smoke, the sound of steam engines and the look, sound and feel of all the various makes of old washing-machines*engines, tractors, trucks and cars.

Yesterday we wandered around and while I like to look at the vendor tables, I seem to have a hard time looking at the numerous displays of used tools. When I see those old socket sets and wrenches, I know that for the most part, these weren't simply sold by the original owners, but were probably part of some estate and simply turned into a cash-making notion.

I have most of my dad's tools and some of them reach into me -- not as the intrinsic value of say, a box-end wrench, but as a memory of a particular project at home or a mechanical adventure we had shared together. These sorts of things are much more dear to me than a gravestone or a calendar date, might ever be.

*Before the days of rural electrification, Maytag used to manufacture gasoline-powered washing machines that with the correct adapters could also be used as butter churns and meat grinders.
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