Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

The Secret of Kindness

On Saturday, I rode 44 miles and Scout rode 24. Yesterday we both rode a nice slow 15.

There is a measure of need, or addiction here, but I suppose it is far better than other sorts of addictions.

* * *

To create a desire for something one needs is to engage in a labor of human happiness. Need is a demanding and obscure thing that defines the dependence of one person on another. To identify it and want it is to define oneself as a person. That's the secret of culture, the secret of cuisine, the secret of kindness. It's also the secret of tiny Fournel on his bike in a vast countryside, miraculously in equilibrium on his two wheels, trying to catch his own shadow.

~ From: "Besoin de Vélo"(Need for the Bike), Paul Fournel -- as translated by Allan Stoekl

* thanks for the book and so much else, Jowe!
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