Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Toys with Sharp Tabs

My mom used to buy things at a "Swap Shop" in town. I never went to it with her, but I think it was held in the municipal building a few times a year and was some sort of mega-multi-person garage sale -- way before the internet or craigslist.

I remember a wood and leather burning set that was missing most of the specialty tips but did have a few leathers left. One in particular was circular and featured an American Indian printed in red ink. It was already half-traced with the burning iron. I imagined that some other kid must have gotten tired of burning it.

I also had a painted metal Gas Station/Parking Garage assembled and held together with little twisty metal tabs. It had a car elevator with a string winch that would allow you to bring the car up into the parking area and then send it back down to the first floor via a spiral ramp. It was missing a few pieces but had to be one of my favorite toys, ever. I wanted to go inside, use the pay phone, and smell how it smelled.

If the Consumer Product Safety Commission had existed then, I wonder if exposed heating elements, sharp edges or lead-based metal paint would have mattered.
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