Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

My butt doesn't know much, but it can be taught

wider than wide

When I started bicycling a few years ago, I envisioned that a super-wide gel filled saddle would be the best choice in a bike seat. After seeing the slender hard seats that my son used on his bicycles, I just couldn't imagine one like that would ever be comfortable. Yet after I tried my narrow seat* for several days, I found it to be much more comfortable than I had ever expected. And now even on long rides (25+ miles), I find no problem with it.

Recently on vacation, I rode a cruiser bike that had a for several days with a wide saddle similar to the one in the photograph and it was never comfortable.

There must be a lesson about here, somewhere.

*with a center recess for protecting the perineum
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