Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

The Blue Stuff

It's sold in various colors and formulations. A few of the more expensive brands are designed to clean the windshield more thoroughly, while some are purported to do a better job at preventing icing in extremely cold weather. I have used some of the more esoteric brands when the local discount house experienced a bad-weather run on inventory, but really they just don't feel the same.

In accord with the safe and taken-care-of feeling that was home, my dad always had a good supply on hand. My daughters on the other hand, always seem to run low so, like my father, I try to have it around for them. A single gallon was one of the first gifts I ever gave to Scout. The other day, she shared some with a few of her co-workers who were low on it.

It makes your car, or maybe your heart, run better.

* * *

I don't always want to grow up I want to jump on ding-ding hoses instead.
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