Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

More can be less and other odd things

It seems that time/temperature signs have become so bloated with advertising there is little chance to actually see the time or temperature.

What were once mainstream anti-virus programs have become so all-inclusive and bloated with spyware filters, online/offline backup functions, parental controls, firewalls, spam killers and the like, that I'm wondering if the cure really is worse than the disease. I'm beginning to like the "second-line" products much more.

CD and DVD writing program manufacturers seem to insist on including a host of 'other' functions in their programs that I don't want -- media players, sound consoles, picture editing modules, etc.

I really don't want to install the Google, Yahoo or MSN toolbar when I'm installing something else. Plus they really don't add any fucntionalities that interest me.

I know there are several third-party or DOS-style ways to accomplish this but with all the touted improvements in each new version of MS-Windows, why did Microsoft never think to include a print/print tree function in Windows Explorer?

USB ports: I always seem to fumble in deciding which way the plugs are supposed to be oriented and then to make it more difficult, I wonder why Dell hid the front USB port under a plastic door in earlier desktop models and then decided to tilt the receptacle so as to even further defy me.

* * *

I can hardly wait for longer and warmer days so I can ride my bike more.
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