Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Who's a Whore*?

As I get older, I realize more than ever -- that everyone struggles greatly.

And the lesson here is that the happiest people are often not the folks who endure less suffering than others do. Certainly, we have far less control of what happens to us than we do control of our reactions to such events.

If someone unleashes blame and unrestricted anger towards the negative events or individuals around them, it seems to fall so solidly back into their own lap in such a crippling and profound way that it often makes it impossible to stand up for themselves in any gentle and effective fashion. It can be a rather blinding experience.

We were riding bikes along the Ohio River over the weekend and saw a couple fighting. He was walking about twenty feet in front of her -- shaking his head in disgust while she taunted him:

"You better not be meeting that whore here again!"

Of course, the "other" person is always the whore. And I imagine if we asked the "whore" who the whore was, she'd probably attribute it back to this taunting woman. Heck, maybe the guy is the whore. Or maybe none of them are.

It is easy to attribute our woes to another person or situation when, in reality, we should be looking into our own hearts more often. I've done it before and even though I try to be mindful of it, I'm sure I will continue to do so.

I guess recognizing weakness is part of understanding strength.

* Or as my grandmother used to say, "Lady of the Evening"
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