Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

In the Days of Western Electric and Bakelite...

Phone booths were a great escape from folks, angry dogs, rain, and snow. In some odd way, they had a strong clubhouse feel to them. I remember their aluminum frames, glass panels, colors and door handles in reasonable detail. They are the same type of booth that was used for shelter by Tippie Hedren in "The Birds" -- all black and white and such in time. There was always interesting graffiti to read. Some of it was vulgar but some of it spoke of adoration. Secretly, I hoped I might one day see my own initials scrawled next to a girl's.

Even so, I always checked the coin slot for change.

In a seldom-used corner of the basement at the hospital, in the original wood-paneled lobby there is built-in phone cabinet. It is beautiful, with dark-grained wood and a vintage Bell System logo decaled on the window. There isn't a phone in it anymore but it still has a wooden seat.

I like that they've not been able to find a way to adapt it or rework it into anything more technologically or aesthetically modern.

It would be fun to sit in it. Maybe I could pretend to tell fortunes for 25 cents.

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