Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas


I was listening to Lilias Folan the other day and she mentioned several of the important things which the study of yoga had brought into her life. She said that rather than her giving up cigarettes when it all began, that they instead gradually gave her up.

It seems like we forever are actively trying to push the bad from our lives, and we fail more often than we'd like.

I thought, at first, that I would begin this to improve my bicycle handling and flexibility but I believe there may be much more here.

* * *

I love my life: the opportunities and what it has brought to me. I have more energy than I would have ever expected or imagined possible. Nearly every day I feel this.

I've been called manic but I can't find a slot where I'd fit into the classic DSM-IV. I really don't know what I am in this regard.
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