Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Sometimes, it's easier to see when you're not looking directly

When I was little, I didn't really know anything about the Doppler Effect. I only knew that it made that sound when something like a car, train or truck went by me.

I couldn't even begin to identify the variation in pitch or any of the mechanics but I genuinely felt its nature and this became imprinted in me -- without concept, words or explicabilty.

I suppose we don't always have to know.

For a reason akin, this has always been a treasure to me:

Study is like the heaven's glorious sun
That will not be deep-search'd with saucy looks:
Small have continual plodders ever won
Save base authority from others' books
These earthly godfathers of heaven's lights
That give a name to every fixed star
Have no more profit of their shining nights
Than those that walk and wot not what they are.
~ From: "Loves Labours Lost", Act 1 Scene 1, W.B. Shakespeare
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