Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

A Perfect Circle

When I was younger, I craved an ever-evolving set of interests. I wanted to be the best at so many things -- now I yearn more for balance in my life.

I realize I cannot master or even pursue every notion that passes through my heart or head. Instead, I know I must choose which ones to develop to some level of proficiency and temper these personal interests with the needs and interests of those around me. I am not alone in this world and nor do I ever want to be.

So many folks wait for what they perceive to be the optimum circumstance, person, material, brush stroke, or word -- as if there is going to be another lifetime that will magically present itself.

If I had a No. 2 pencil, if I had the best lighting, if I only had the time.

When it never arrives, what happens?

No one cannot draw a perfect circle and though it is close, even this fellow is not able to do so.

Thanks to what I learned from my father, I know will never achieve anything in perfection.
In balance, I want to be somewhat good at several things, and strive to be a wee bit better at a few.
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