Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas


I had a great weekend plowing with the John Deere. I get a little carried away at times though and end up half way down the road before realizing that I'm a little bit far from the driveway.

As I was driving to the hospital on Sunday morning, I was taken by how the snow looked - the sun was bright, the sky blue and the pine boughs were draped to the ground. It made me feel fortunate.

All is good and as it should be

I had a patient that related how she met her husband in 1946 at a swimming hole. He was a young soldier and looked "quite handsome", she said. They danced that night at the Boom-Boom Club on the Northside and fell in love.

There was a blockage (likely a clot) in a leg vein and her foot was without sensation - cold and turning blue. She talked about how much she loved her husband.

I left the room with wet eyes but... all is good and as it should be, in contrast.
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