Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

The Immensity of not Knowing

Have you ever had a notion that you didn't like something and were completely convinced that it would never EVER change? Then a few years pass and you recall feeling that way but can't fathom how it became so embedded in your heart.

Years ago, my wife made lasagne (maybe it was manicotti -- I don't remember which). I ate it and remarked that it was the best I'd ever had. She then explained that she made it with tofu rather than ricotta cheese. I felt betrayed and was angry as I recall acting very immature over it because after all, I HATED tofu.

Actually, I was more embarrassed because of my vehement behavior, but felt I had no gracious way out of it. Something I thought I hated when taken without prejudice was something that I actually enjoyed. I felt disingenuous to my own nature.

I wonder if carry any similar things with me today.

* * *

Any guesses as to the number one accident we see in the Emergency Department during significant snow falls?

Many people might believe it might be moving vehicle accidents or falls. But over the past few weeks, it has been by a large margin: "the finger vs the snow-blower". In the small amount of time I have been there over the past month, I've seen at least five such incidents. The tale is usually the same. The discharge chute becomes blocked with packed snow whereupon the operator reaches his hand near or into the chute when their glove becomes entangled in the moving impellers. Yesterday, the attending emergency physician allowed me to observe a procedure on a gentleman that lost his middle finger from the distal interplangeal joint (knuckle nearest the end of the finger). I can't say it was completely easy to watch as I got a bit woozy with all the blood and bone clipping. I had to look away a few times but at the same time it was fascinating to watch the repair.
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