Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

With a prepositional end

I left work a few hours early yesterday to take a bike ride. It was a really nice afternoon so I took a loop through Moon Park and stopped along the fence at DeVenzio Field to slurp a bit of water. The emptiness was substantial.

This is where we used to go watch our kids play baseball and softball. Back then, it seemed as if it would never end -- sitting on the aluminum bleachers or in canvas foldout chairs with other families -- all packed in with kids, snacks, drinks, cushions, and the like.

A few kids were playing on the playground equipment across the street. Here, they've replaced the concrete climb-through culvert with a set of colorful plastic pipe sections. Probably safer, but much less intriguing and certainly, a lot less fun.

It is wonderful how life has all these amazing phases. It can be sad to think some are gone, but I know it is always healthier to find the willingness to recreate yourself and your life, than it is to expend great amounts of energy yearning for the past.

I took another slurp of water and rode on.
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