Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

One for the road

Frequent use of alcohol seems to take its toll on more than simply the insides. Whenever I see casual photograph collections where nearly every picture contains the folks in bars and/or holding drinks -- almost without fail, they look much older than their chronological age. In the twenties, it is barely noticeable, but moving along into the thirties and beyond, it often becomes much more evident. When I see patients at the hospital that are frequent drinkers, this same correlation seems to hold.

There isn't much alcoholism in my family and I guess I'm fortunate for that. Whenever I drink, even in modest amounts, I feel so dull and lackluster the next day that I wonder why I drank in the first place. I've had an opened bottle of wine in my refrigerator now since Christmas and it's probably time to toss it. I have another unopened bottle that's been there for about six months and it may just make it a year.

I do believe one drink-a-day is probably beneficial but so many folks turn that one drink into a six-pack of beer or a half or even a full bottle of wine.

I watch a television show now and then that is based on the work of a medical examiner. I enjoy the show because it reminds me that lifestyle choice really does play one of the most significant roles in our health and that helps to keep me focused on some personal health goals I've set for myself. Sure, there are many diseases and accidents that may beset anyone regardless of lifestyle, but I'm convinced that making better choices makes a dramatic difference in our odds.

I really don't have any statistics to confirm this, but I wonder if significant alcohol use destroys more individuals, families and health than every illegal drug combined.
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