Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Your Mom Wears Combat Boots

I've been fascinated by the deep polarization regarding health care reform. Many folks on both sides of the issue have interesting and valid points to make, but what is the most incredible to me, is that rather than considerate, thoughtful courses of debate it often has degraded into volleys of debasement, denigration, character attacks and even unchecked hatred. The important issues here seem to have melted into the far corners of discourse.

I find myself disappointed over such vitriol and believe that even if one side is more right than the other -- that kindness, respect and decorum are still important. Yet with this particularly sensitive issue, they seem to be well out of fashion.

* * *
In the spirit of "The Neighborhood" in which we all still live:

Learning to channel angry feelings into constructive activities is a hard task, but it's one of the most important things anybody can learn to do. Children's caregivers can help children learn that angry feelings can be expressed -- as long as the children don't hurt themselves or others. We can help them learn other constructive ways like to pound on clay, not on breakable toys, to kick a ball instead of kicking people or to throw a beanbag when they feel like throwing a toy. By setting firm limits, showing what's acceptable and what isn't about the expression of anger, you will be supporting them in some very important lifelong growing.

~ Fred Rogers
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