Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Pickled Vulture

Last night, I went with my three daughters and son-in-law to a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. The Pirates lost 0-7 but we had fun and it was good to have a little family time. If you've ever been to a professional sports stadium or arena, then you probably are aware that each concession vendor often has their own unique style of hawking products. Beer, peanuts, cotton candy and hot dogs take on a whole new sound as many of the vendors slur and stylize words and phrases so much that it is often difficult to determine exactly what they are selling. All evening, I kept hearing "PICKLED VULTURE"

* * *

I used to save old gas, electric and other utility statements and I would save all of my canceled checks -- for years. I know a lot of people still do this. But as part of my notion of simplifying life, I really couldn't come up with a single compelling reason why I collected such things. I don't really want or need to review or compare my bills as much as I'd rather do other things.

For the past five years or more, whenever I get junk mail I throw it in the trash as soon as I walk in the door. I really don't want the money-saving coupons in the Valu-Pak® or to browse the weekly store circulars for money-saving potential. Usually on the day that I recieve them, I pay any bills for which I don't have automatic deposit. The ones that are automatic, I open the bill, look at the amount and throw it away immediately. If by chance I am overcharged, I simply don't care. Actually, I do care a little but not to the level of complicating my life to such an extent. I have even chosen to ignore the sage advice of looking over my grocery store receipts for errors. Instead, my twisted rationale is that any amount I might potentially save, is not worth the effort I would expend.

Yeah, I'm messed up in the head but I am happy with that.
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