Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

5 & 10's

The one I knew was independent for years but ultimately joined the Ben Franklin chain. I like to try to remember the inside of the store.

|Super Balls, jacks, plastic lizards,and spiders, caps, Matchbox cars, 45 records, a metal white cabinet containing peanuts and cashews with a rotating tray under a heat lamp, fabric, sewing supplies, McCalls and Simplicity patterns|

The red-haired lady working in the store would always follow us around the maze and peer from the opposite end of the isles, ostensibly to prevent us from shoplifting. We made it a game by pretending to steal, just to keep her moving.

* * *
Saturday I had an eye appointment. Today, I went for a checkup and had all those things that an old man like me should have done. The doctor thinks I'm healthy although I still need to get my blood results. Tomorrow I see the dentist which I like to do.

* * *

This is my most extravagant toy and I even have a dog model to make it more interesting. I mowed three yards and the upper (green) path today.

It wraps around my neighborhood street.
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