Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

The Fall of Rome

During a few summers, I spent much of my time turning an abandoned farmhouse into a place we all could go. It was a ramshackle two-storey place next to an old strip mine on Magee road off of County Road 56. There was a large sturdy barn and a small pond on the property.

After a few hundred hours of re-construction work, we found a pot-bellied stove, some old furniture and a few other household items. I had planned to use a rainwater recovery system so that it would have a bathroom facility and had even placed a toilet but the house became too big of a party place and that ultimately led to several police interventions. Eventually the barn and house were burned to the ground and the land reclaimed. I drove by this place a few years ago, and because of the re-contouring of the land, it was really difficult to remember where everything once was.

We ran into the barn at Speers and I placed my hands around your hips just so I could feel them move. Your unwashed jeans were smooth, your thick hair was dark and I remember how you smelled. Everyone was partying in the house but I wanted you with me. This never really happened, but I've often thought it should have.

* * *

" No way, this isn't going to be me -- I'm going to live off the land and kiss the morning sun everyday from the big front porch of my farmhouse" Well, I pulled a wallet from my pocket a few minutes ago - it is softened and worn from years of use and I am a part of something I swore I'd never be.
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