Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

I wonder if my parents would be proud of me

My dad had several Black Locust trees in our yard. I've always loved the shape of their leaves and how it felt to pull a handful of them from the thin green stems of the leaf clusters. We would use them for decorations of all childhood sorts and sometimes even used the thorns from the limbs to pick at each other.

In the corner of our yard was a locust fence post that was placed as a boundary corner to my grandparent's farm. It lasted for several decades and was still standing the last year before we sold the home. The posts are durable, rot-resistant and so strong that they are often the first choice for roof-support posts in the coal mine.

I will always have a special affection for the locust and how sweet their flowers are.

We were such lucky kids.
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