Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Harvest Moon

My father had an old player piano in the basement and as I recall, he paid ten dollars for it. It wouldn't function as a player as all the player parts had been removed but it had the sweetest sound of any piano that I've ever known. It was always covered in sawdust as it sat next to his table saw and other shop equipment. Over the years, we had broken many of the ivories, so he replaced several of them with gray 1950's style kitchen table formica.

Dad couldn't read a note of music but he could play and sing eloquently by ear. One of my favorites was Shine on Harvest Moon and I still remember most of the lyrics.

He often talked about how the sounding board in this piano was nearly as large as some grand pianos and certainly was much larger than most other spinet or cabinet models and how that was the source of its beautiful sound.

It is good to be a sounding board -- and it's even better to have one that resonates to our own intonations.

Shine on.
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