Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Just a long and slow bike ride

Sometimes, I will stop at a particular part of the cemetery to straighten pinwheels, right bears and cars, and clear crabgrass. I'm not completely sure why I am compelled to do this, but does it remind me of some very important things. Most of the stones say something like "Our Little Angel" but one I saw today said "Our Sweet Kate". I liked that one very much.

Later, this handsome fellow was crossing the trail

A parenthetical, above my head :)

* * *

If we could dance for a minute in any August, I'd take you to where we dropped pebbles through the grate of the storm sewer. Do remember counting how long each one took to splash? It wasn't really the physics but it was more about sharing road dust on our knees. Later we listened for the streetlights and crickets to come on.
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