Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

People are like Lawn Mowers

I mowed with this 1967 Lawn-Boy today. It was my uncle's mower and given to me over twenty years ago. Since then, I have used it substantially in tougher rock and root terrain. Consquently I've also had to repair/rebuild it several times -- a variable stream of replacements for gaskets, points, needle valves, rings, reed valves, magnetos, etc. Since parts are hard to find now or very expensive, I keep several buckets of used spare Lawn-Boy 'stuff' for it and other mowers. At some point though, I began to recognize that this weird-colored mower was truly fading and more suited for mowing little well-groomed patches in front of flower gardens than it is for scalping soil and weeds on an embankment.

Thank You Uncle Frank.
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