Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Our Part in It

I rode twenty miles on my new bike early this morning. It is light, smooth and a lot of fun, although it doesn't have quite as low of a sprocket ratio on the bottom end which made the first part of one of the steeper climbs a little tougher than usual. I guess I'm doing alright for a person in their mid-fifties, but still I look to improve.

* * *

Today, I met an older lady and while she was waiting for a stretcher transport, we talked about things like Slovakian polka dance. She lives in a nursing home with her husband -- in the same room which I thought was so sweet. She asked if I would come visit them, and I said I might and I probably will. As they carted her away, she told the EMT's that today was a good day because she made a new friend and that made me smile.

* * *

Late this afternoon, I mowed with the tractor. Because of the drought, there are areas that consist mainly of dust and brown grass interspersed with patches of silky green grass that is so thin and delicate that it defies cutting because the air from the mower deck smushes it to the ground.

* * *

So this all made me think about the cycle of life and our part in it. Sometimes it's really sad, but other times it is pretty darn wonderful.
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