Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

The Roller Coaster

Very early this morning, I lost a friend to breast cancer.
She leaves behind a family with two very young kids.

I'm sure she wouldn't mind me sharing these lines of love for her children:

That is the hardest thing to deal with for me. In my heart I know they will be cared and watched over but that control thing for me creeps in sometimes. Nobody does it better than mama. I often asked myself if it is better to go quickly or ride this roller coaster. The answer is the roller coaster. It has given me the opportunity to do special things for my children even when I can't be there. - June 21, 2010

Kelly, I will miss you, your kindness and your support of me at the hospital. I also promise I will do what you have asked me to do for you.
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