Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

It's no chest of silver but...

One of these Nestle Quick spoons I got in the late 70's by saving Quik labels and paying a small shipping and handling charge. They are the a perfect size for me, very sturdy and have perfect curvature in the bowl of the spoon. I think my kids would agree*.

About 4 years ago, the spoon was lost in some car driven by some guy that my two younger daughters knew -- over eating ice cream or something. I figured it was lost forever, so I looked and found another one on Ebay for $35.00. A bit high for one stainless steel utensil, but I missed my spoon.

After several months of parental pressure, the first spoon miraculously reappeared.

Now I have two, and these spoons are one of my favorite things in the house. Hopefully, they will last a few generations and those people will wonder about them a little and maybe even like them.

* No, Vanessa you can't have them, so no stealing :)
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