Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Just born yesterday

I took a nice 20 mile trail ride on Friday. Along the way, I stopped to take a photograph of a baby crane at an industrial site -- no, not a bird -- but a Komatsu LC383 hoisting crane. When I started to take the camera out of my jersey, I had forgotten that my feet were still clipped into the pedals and I fell. I was at least quick enough to tuck my arms into my chest, so other than a hip that is somewhat sore, only my ego is bruised.

All frazzled, I tried to take the picture in a hurry and this is what I got - my finger covering part of the lens.

After a little research today, I found a manufacturer photo of the same model of the 'just born yesterday crane' (sold under the Maeda name) but it just doesn't look the same as in its natural setting.

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