Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Before Me

Every year my dad would play in a minstrel troupe at our school as an endman. In those days the endmen painted their faces with blackened cork. Today I'm guessing that it might be considered racist to do so, but my dad personally always treated and considered people equally.

I have the souvenir program from the May 2-3, 1956 show (one month before I was born) and here are a few pages from the adverts section - back when phone numbers were simply 3 digits.

Azallions was where I would get my school clothes and Buster Brown shoes (including a prize from the Buster Brown Treasure Chest) Gardas was next to the school and had a sumptuous assortment of penny candy.

The next photo is my dad at Camp Wolters in December of 1941 - just before leaving for the South Pacific. He was about half my current age and although he hunted before the war, he never did after those years. I can't imagine what horrific things he experienced as he never really liked to talk about it.

This photo of my dad with a dog is one of my favorites, it reminds me of how gentle he was and it makes smile and more it makes me cry. He reminds me of the character Almásy - played by Ralph Fiennes in "The English Patient"

I like this photo too but I'm not sure what it is. On the back it mentions a tv station WDTV 1954 (which was the former call sign for KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh) and something about a class. I'm assuming it was some kind of art workshop. I like the clothes he was wearing.

These two pictures are of my mom. The one on the steps I imagine was just before a hot date and the other is her hanging out with her girlfriends.

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