Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas


We had our "Ghetto Thanksgiving". We don't sit around the family table as Norman Rockwell might depict. Instead, we simply pile the food on the table in the dining room, fill our plates and then take them out to the living room where we tease each other, laugh and generally have a good time. I had three of the four home. Wyler (aka Chief Crooked-Foot) played the part of Squanto and shared in our feast.

Since I am not a meat eater, we had to search around at the store for a dressing that didn't list animal fat or flavoring as an ingredient. The girls threw together everything and I think I now have enough of my youngest daughter's leftover green-bean casserole to last into the next century.

My son and I did a few projects over the weekend. We did yoga together a few mornings and then replaced the muffler on his car. He also helped me take apart and refurbish the noisy freewheel on my cyclocross bike. While I have decent mechanical skills, I know next-to-nothing about bicycle maintenance, so it was good to have his guidance through this.

He also asked me to be the best man in his wedding which will likely be sometime in 2012. I am thrilled and honored.
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