Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Truly, I don't want to earn a "free" tank of gas

My grocery store (Giant Eagle) runs a promotional gimmick called "Fuel Perks". This offering allows a shopper to earn discounts on gasoline at Giant Eagle's gasoline/convenience stores (GetGo). For each $50 I spend, I earn a 10 cent per gallon discount on GetGo gasoline for purchases up to 30 gallons. Truly though, I know that I am paying for this gasoline through elevated grocery pricing. The latest promotion they offer is the reverse - where purchases I make at GetGo allow me to earn percentage discounts at the Giant Eagle grocery store. The hook is these promotional offerings expire within a few months of the purchase date.

Please, please Giant Eagle, discontinue these manipulative offerings. I don't like them and I would even be willing to accept half of the value of these synthesized 'savings' in the form of a grocery discount directly at the time of purchase.

Of course, I feel the same way about mobile phone purchase rebates. I don't want to cut out UPC symbols, fill out rebate forms, or mail in proof of purchase information and wait 6-10 weeks for a check which I then must take to the bank to cash

I want to simplify (not complicate) my life.
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