Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Heeyyyyy Buddy

This is my yoga pal, Wyler. Note that he has his shoulders placed well onto his back, which is optimum for practice. With him, I usually modify the seated Easy Pose, as it nearly always includes complimentary scritch-scratching. Wylesome likes to curl around my legs and ankles when I'm in the Downward-facing Dog and Standing Forward Bend poses. I just have to be careful when switching to a lunge. I know he isn't a person, but he sure has helped me in more ways than simply being my yoga partner.

* * *

Over the weekend, I re-plumbed the laundry utility sink. I am so lucky that I had a father who taught me things that many people never have the chance to learn -- sweating copper pipe fittings was one of them.

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