Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

In the Corner of our Yard

Up near the apple tree where my dad hung a rope swing was the sandbox he made for us. It was simply four 2 x 10's nailed together and then filled with brown building sand from St. Clair Lumber Company. We didn't have many toys, but I remember a Tonka road grader that my mom purchased second-hand at the swap-shop in town. It was always one of my favorite toys in the sandbox and while I can never bring it back, today I miss it and would love to grade a road or two.

Near the sandbox was the standing trunk of a rotting tree. Once, I threw firecrackers in a small round hole on the side of the tree and unknowingly killed an entire nest of baby woodpeckers. As well, I know I can't bring them back either.

There are so many things we must settle in the silence of our hearts.
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