Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas

Computer Stuff

I'm building a backup server to capture a mirror of the data on the main server at work. It isn't much or very elegant but hopefully if a major data disaster ever occurs here, I will at least be able to provide some basic backup file and print serving. I'm simply using an old Windows XP Machine, to which I've added a PCI SATA controller and a second 2TB internal disk. As for the file mirroring from the main server, I've written a few scripts around Microsoft's Robocopy (Robust File Copy), and it appears to be working. Since Windows XP doesn't have a built-in DNS server, I purchased a relatively inexpensive DNS package named Simple DNS Plus. I had initially tried the freeware DNS program BIND, but it was very cryptic, beyond my skill, and probably better suited for Unix gurus.. (I'm just a mining engineer who pretends to know very little about computers). All that is left, is to configure the scripts to run automatically and have it email the results using a freeware automailer.
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