Michael Munas (michaelboy) wrote,
Michael Munas


There is a section of bike trail leading to the airport that opened recently. It consists of two connected and paved (or somewhat paved) closed roads which lead through the remnants of where people used to live. Here and there are overgrown pines or the vague shape of something that might have been a driveway or foundation. I imagine this roadway has been closed for decades as there are old turnpike-style cable strung guide rails -- which are mostly overgrown with weeds, deslacked and broken.

It is a relatively safe place to bike on the road without the danger of cars so it's easy to find yourself drifting in Walter Mitty fashion. This place makes me feel happy but also sad - the same kind of sad when I see a singular collection of old tools at a flea market.

* * *

In junior-high, I carried the Martin's Ferry Times-Leader. The route number was St.C.#6, averaged 56 papers and was $2.17/month. I had one of these to do the monthly collections:

The pennies per push was adjustable and I, feeling very automated, had it set for three cents.
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